Bob Oliver Sr. established Oliver Sales Company in 1969 to serve the printed circuit board industry. His desire for his business was to provide the very best products and service that his customers could desire.

The company initially began as a manufacturer's representative selling Fortin Laminate to Texas Instruments. As time passed, the company expanded into many other areas of the printed circuit board fabrication supply business.

In the early 1980's the company began introducing its own proprietary product line, Oliver Sales Technology Products, or OS TECH Products. Beginning in 1986, a major emphasis was made to bring a wider variety of proven and cutting edge technologies to the product line. This began the shift from a distributor / manufacturer's representative to a full line specialty chemical supplier.

Beginning in 2000, the decision was made to identify the business by the product trade name, OS TECH, in order to signal to the PCB industry the shift of the company to that of a global specialty chemical supplier. Utilizing a team of experienced and highly qualified sales and service personnel, as well as industry respected representatives, OS TECH Products can be found virtually anywhere in the world.

The OS-TECH name is a reminder of the original vision and underscores our direction for the future -- to provide the very best products and service that our customers desire.

OS-TECH 13445 Floyd Circle, Dallas, TX 75243 USA