Circuit board chemistry is not rocket science; therefore, most products are made and work in relatively the same way. Naturally, OS-TECH products work extremely well, but our attention to service is really what makes us shine in this industry. No other company in this business takes better care of their customers. Whether it is process audits, chemistry analysis or even a late night delivery, we do whatever is necessary for our customers. Customer service is the principle OS-TECH was built on, and it is what we rely on to this day. After all, customers are why we're here.

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Owner / President & CEO email:
Bob Oliver, Sr.

Secretary / Treasurer
ext. 104
email: Betty Oliver
General Manager
ext. 103
email: Ed Neal
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Operations Manager
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Legal & Safety
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Tech. Service & Support
PCB & Metal Finishing
x-118 email: Charles Gohl
Tech. Service & Support
PCB & Metal Finishing
email: Ed Wright
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Eng. / Info. Sys. Admin.
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Technical Director
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Development & Product Chemist ext. 112
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Warehouse Manager
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email: John Gilliland
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Southwest PCB Sales
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Phil Woodruff
SW PCB & Metal Finishing
Sales - ext. 114
Mickey Cochren
PCB Sales Pacific NW

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