Quality & Commitment

The OS-TECH product group is a line of specialty chemicals for the printed circuit board and metal finishing industries.

Three decades ago we set a goal to be an honest company with real people working for it. In a rapidly changing business climate, OS-TECH is proud to say we've been able to continue to grow steadily over the past thirty years while staying true to that goal. We are still family owned and operated, and today we service some of the industry's largest companies. We think it's due to the personal feel of OS-TECH. If you want a monolithic supplier who sells you chemistry based on a name and not a face, OS-TECH is not for you.

OS-TECH understands that in today's PCB manufacturing realm it is not enough to find a product or process that is efficient. It is finding a product or process that is cost effective and able to meet the industry's continuously changing environmental requirements. Unlike our competitors, OS-TECH will not tell you that we have the answer to everything. Instead, we are an organization that is constantly striving to develop products that meet changing environmental requirements without sacrificing outstanding performance and results.

The OS-TECH name stands for quality products and commitment to service.

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OS-TECH 13445 Floyd Circle, Dallas, TX 75243 USA